After needing to leave the American House due to safety issues, i was introduced to Angie and her staff at Kalb’s 2. It was the perfect fit. My dad received wonderful, warm and loving care. He lived there for 5 worry free (for me) years. Angie and Jaime took individual care of each resident. I am still very grateful for them and their special ways.
Judy K.

My sister and I have recently placed our elderly mother in the care of Angela and her staff at the Kalb AFC home in Clinton Township. We feel truly fortunate to have found such a quality elder care facility, and on such short notice. Angela and her staff are committed and caring health care professionals in their field. The patients receive all of the care they need 24/7. The home itself is well maintained and clean. I would not hesitate to recommend this facility to anyone who is in need of care for an elder loved one.
Dieter A.

When tragedy struck we had 24 hours to make a decision for my mother-in-law. I didn’t know what to do….fortunately my sister was a hospice nurse and knew about Angie’s AFC facility. I called and went to meet with her that same afternoon. I was concerned about the changes that I knew were going to be coming – was I going to have to move her again when she became too difficult. not at all! Angie told me she could take care of her until she went to heaven!!! and that’s exactly what she did! Angie & Jamie were the best caretakers I could have ever hoped for. my mother-in-law was very well taken care of – she ate like she hadn’t in years! every situation that came up during her 3-1/2 year stay was handled with love, care, and compassion. from the time I dropped mom off I never questioned our decision. one of her favorite things were Angie’s “therapy dogs”. they are the sweetest dogs you could ever know. my mom would have a big smile when she was petting each of the dogs. There is truly much love and care at Kalb!!!
Bonnie F.

This facility is extremely caring, knowledgeable and accommodating to their patients needs and medical requirements. It is kept immaculate and inviting to visitors.  I had the opportunity to get to know Angie and Jamie well as they took care of my family member for a period of time.  You can’t ask for more dedicated or better caretakers!!! I highly recommend them!!!
Audrey V.

Is your parent or loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s and you are burning the candle at both ends trying to care for them? My mother in law was in a large fancy senior home and was not happy because she wasn’t social, in denial and we were justifying our guilty feelings.  Her condition became worse and was asked to move her.  The staff at the Kalb Home became 2nd family to all of us.  They were caring, compassionate and the home as well as my mother in law were always clean.  It was so emotionally comfortable knowing that I could have a quality visit whenever, and her needs were met.  I would very much recommend Kalb Home if you need peace of mind.  She was home…just not my home. 
Anne T.

Putting Mom in a home was a very difficult decision, but once we met Angie and her staff we knew we found the right place.  Honestly, every time I drive away after a visit I say to myself that I’m sooo thankful that we found this home for Mom.  The home is very clean and Mom says she loves the food.  Angie and her staff have handled my Mom’s health challenges effectively, and with much kindness.  Nice Place, Great People!!
Heide M.

Warm, clean, friendly and very caring, I felt very comfortable with the staff and facility, that my Mother would be well taken care of.
Denise R.

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